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Welcome at Swissbet, the Swiss-made gambling software, responsible for the creation some of the best betting exchange platforms. Create your very own iGaming business and become the next success story of the iGaming industry, in a few steps only. Get all the consulting you need to make your goals a reality, thanks to the complete business solutions offered from Swissbet.


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Create your very own betting platform now and be the next success story thanks to the huge benefits your punters will get. Check out below the most prominent advantages you will offer to your players and you will soon understand why the Swissbet platforms are thought to be one of a kind.

Licensed products: Stability, security and safety come first

It is important to offer to your punters a platform that is accessible from most of the countries around the globe. Our white label products come with a Curacao license, while in case you will choose a Turnkey solution, we are the ones to make sure that your business will be licensed and legit. It is needless to say that owning  a license provides security, and safety to your players, who want to always see their operator from the perspective of a trustful partner.

Top software by Betfair

Betting exchanges are our expertise, offering to you and your players the top exchange software, powered by the very first betting company of the kind and the top one globally, Betfair. You should expect the same liquidity, range of sports, betting markets and leagues as offered by Betfair.

Bank and Lay option on Horserace

Swissbet software is the only one in the world offering to your punters the chance to place lay bets on the players’ favorite horse races. While all the other betting exchanges don’t give the bettors that feature, you will be the one to stand out from the competition to a very large customer base.

Connect Everywhere Global Network Worldwide Concept

No VPN needed – access from everywhere

One of the biggest advantages is the access on betting exchanges without VPN. As a result, punters may concentrate on betting without worrying about dealing with programs that will change your IP address. You will be the one who will stand out from the competition to a very wide customer base because none of the other betting exchanges offer the bettors that function.


Crypto Transactions

Most of the regulated betting businesses tend to rely on the classic payment methods, like credit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets. All the aforementioned are available here, but at the same time your punters can also use their cryptocurrencies to top up their accounts and withdraw money from them, almost instantly. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are just some of the cryprocurrencies your customers will be able to use, bringing their betting to the next level, to the tomorrow of betting.

Scalable Solutions

Choose the solution that the best meets your needs and start growing your business with the help of the Swissbet experts.

White Label products

You can now start your very own gambling business without breaking a sweat. You won’t have to wait for the licensing procedure to be over, you can immediately start operating your own betting platform, under the Swissbet NV license. In that way, you can also save time, effort and of course, money, while at the same time you will not lose anything in terms of quality of your business. You can create your new betting platform consisted of a sportsbook, an online and live casino or a betting exchange. You can even mix the choices up, creating something unique! Your business, your choice.

  • Start immediately
  • Operate under our license
  • Gambling license and corporate structure included
  • Complete gaming platform with a single wallet solution
  • Full encrypted platform, keeping the players’ data secure and private
  • Customizable front end
  • Attainable payment systems
  • 24/7 technical and B2B support
  • Expand your gaming offering through top casino games providers integration

Turnkey solutions

If you have been looking to start your very own licensed betting business, then the Turnkey solutions offered from Swissbet are the best choice for you. You get a readymade betting platform, which is at the same time customizable, letting you be the one to choose which elements and features are the one to be included at your betting site. In that way you are able to boost your business performance, turning your sight mostly on marketing and your corporate structure, taking advantage of the fact you have the chance to offer better products and services in less time. See below the key features that will make your betting business successful:

  • Quick setup of your platform
  • Based on the Swissbet Gaming platform
  • Complete product range (Online Sportsbook, Betting Exchange, Online casino, live casino etc)
  • Support of the best data feed providers (Betradar, Betfair, Betting Promotion and more)
  • Top 3rd-party gaming content integrations
  • Customizable front-end
  • We fully support the KYC and licensing procedures
  • 24/7 B2B support
  • Wide array of available payment systems to be integrated
  • Fully encrypted and secure software

Top-notch support and consulting

Starting a betting business can become very tricky and difficult to be completed, if you don’t have the proper partners by your side. From the beginning up to the very moment you will launch your betting site and from the first day of operations and on, the Swissbet experts are going to be next to you. No matter if you will need consulting on marketing and making your business grow stronger every day or you want a technical support about any problem that has occurred at your day to day tasks, the Swissbet team vows to be next to you.

  • 24/7 consulting
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 24/7 B2B support
  • Daily marketing consulting

Get in touch with our business development team for further inquiries.


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